On this page, you need to:
  1. Pick superpowers for your hero.
  2. Write your superpowers on the print out of your pose.

What can your superhero do? Does he have super speed that he uses to out run the bad guys? Does she have super strength that she uses to stop asteroids? Look at the below list of powers and examples and choose what powers your superhero has.

You can always use your imagination to come up with a power that isn't on this list!

Physical Superpowers
  1. Superstrength
  2. Speed
  3. Durability (hard to hurt)
  4. Agility/reflexes
  5. Healing/regeneration
  6. Supersenses
    1. Sight/hearing/smell/taste/touch
    2. Sensing danger (spider-sense)

  1. The ability to remove senses (like inflicting blindness, etc.)
  2. Longevity/immortality
  3. Shapeshifting

How They Move
  1. Climbing/wall-crawling
  2. Swimming/water-breathing
  3. Flight
  4. Teleportation
  5. Jumps really high (like the Hulk)
  6. Time Travel

Elemental Control/Manipulation
  1. Basic elements (fire, water and/or ice, earth, wind)
  2. Electricity
  3. Light
  4. Darkness and/or shadows
  5. Gravity
  6. Magnetic forces
  7. Radiation
  8. Energy
  9. Sound
  10. Nature

Mental Superpowers
  1. Super-intelligence
  2. Telekinesis (moving objects mentally)
  3. Telepathy (reading minds)
  4. Mind-to-mind communication (like a phone in your head)
  5. Mind-control
  6. Mentally generated weaponry/objects
  7. Mindblast
  8. Ability to locate someone mentally
  9. Forcefields

Other Talents
  1. Growth/shrinking
  2. Self-duplication
  3. Invisibility
  4. Absorbing someone else’s powers
  5. Negating someone else’s powers


Adapted from the List of Superpowers at http://www.superheronation.com/